ANSA is a group of thoughtful committed citizens with the common vision of fostering unity among all Nigerian student writers, project their aspirations, defend their interests nationally and internationally and speak in one voice towards any goal mutually pursued.

Founded by Dr. Kennedy Obohwemu in his undergraduate days (2010), ANSA unites authors and aspiring writers from across the country. ANSA encourages the spirit of writing, a most valuable tool for socio-cultural change. It is a movement geared towards providing an opportunity for undergraduate students (irrespective of their departments) to enhance their knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development.

To enable the organisation function effectively and to meet the goals and standards it has set for itself, certain persons who meet its membership requirements shall be admitted into the organization to serve as members and where so elevated by other members shall serve as officers under this constitution.

The activities of the organisation shall be carried out in accordance with the accepted practices, tenets, institutions, usages and traditions of non-profit, humanitarian and non-governmental organizations unless and only unless such is repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience or is inimical to the rights and welfare of Nigerian student writers.

It is imperative, due to the circumstances on ground and those to be probably encountered in future, for the organisation to seek the hands of experts in various fields including but not restricted to journalists, lawyers, social workers, philanthropists, accountants, auditors, estate valuers, architects, information technologists, surveyors and to seek assistance from international donor organizations, sister groups, foundations, public-spirited individuals, corporate bodies and voluntary organisations in the pursuit of its goals and objectives.

ANSA is affiliated to its parent body, ANA (Association of Nigerian Authors).

ANSA… for the love of writing


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